ISBN: 9789993676003
Edition :2008
Hard bound
424 pages
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Lily Wangchhuk is heading a consulting firm and runs a travel company which helps her
showcase Bhutan's rich and diverse cultural heritage. A former diplomat and Assistant Resident
Representative for UNDP Bhutan, she is well informed about her country and isˆwidely travelled
both within Bhutan and abroad. She has written numerous research papers and publications
related to Bhutan among which are, 'Window on Bhutan' and 'Bhutan in Focus' published by the
Royal Bhutanese Embassy, New Delhi.

Lily has a Masters' Degree in Public Policy with specialization in Diplomacy and International
Policy Studies from the Australian National University, Canberra; Post Graduate Diploma in
Human Rights,International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law from Indian Academy of
International Law and Diplomacy, New Delhi. She holds a Bachelor Honours' Degree in Political
Science from Delhi University, India. As a Bhuta˜ese diplomat representing her country, she won
the Lions Club award for her contributions towards strengthening the India-Bhutan relations. A
proud recipient of the ANU Postgraduate Prize in the Public Policy Program from the Australian
National University, she has many academic achievements to her credit. She endeavours to
contribute towards various social issues in the Kingdom. Travelling, interior designing and outdoor
photography interests her and she pursues these hobbies with passion