'Facts about Bhutan' is a comprehensive book which unveils all there is know about Bhutan. A maiden venture by
a Bhutanese, it reveals amazing facets about the country and provides a holistic picture of the many delightful
and incredible aspects of this little known Kingdom. It will help both foreign visiĝors and Bhutanese discover the
country's history, society, tradition, culture, people, governance, judiciary, clergy, foreign relations, economy,
environment, health, education, and tourism among many other topics. Readers will also gain a good
understanding of the glorious journey the Kingdom has traversed under the monarchs over the last 100 years.
Policies of the government, information about all 20 districts of Bhutan and other places of interest are vividly
explained in the book and would serve as a ready reference. To help visitors, it contains exhaustive information
about visiting Bhutan supported by charts, maps and illustrations on recreation activities, monthly temperature,
driving time between places and contact details of travel companies. Common phrases for conversational
Dzongkha (link) supported by illustrations will help travellers strike a bond of friendship immediately with the
locals. Encyclopaedic in scope, the book's 400 pages of texts are embellished with over 700 astonishing
photographs, 40 maps, 9 graphs, 8 information tables, 23 mini statistics, 23 special spotlight pages all
meticulously well-researched and compiled in one. Useful websites related to Bhutan are listed to help readers
gather additional information.

ISBN: 9789993676003
Edition :2008
Hard bound
424 pages
USD 30.00
Dedicated to 100 years of Bhutan glorious journey under monarchy, the book has been published under the auspices of the National
Steering Committee for Coronation and Centenary Celebrations.

The book is special and significant for the reason that it is about Bhutan, for Bhutan by a Bhutanese. Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo
Wangchuck, the Queen of Bhutan has penned the foreword of the book. In the foreword Her Majesty credits the author Lily
Wangchhuk for introducing the fabric of Bhutan in all its beauty and uniqueness through her well-researched facts and compilation of
beautiful pictures.

Her Majesty launched the book at an impressive function held at Taj Tashi, Thimphu on 21 Oct 08 which was attended by the who's
who of Bhutan. A short movie (link) was screened describing the book followed by a short talk by the author who said that the book
was a tribute to the great monarchs of the Kingdom. The author also spoke about her journey of writing the book. As a means to
provide the authentic information, the author said that she undertook the project of collecting authentic facts over five years. She also
referred to the challenges faced due to the transition which took place over the last one year which prompted her to updater her
research with the current policy and accurate facts.